Tank Donnelly is currently serving as the First Mate of The Sundance, after a long and colorful history gallivanting around the 'Verse having adventures.

Early History[edit | edit source]

Born & raised on Shadow (mom was a ranch hand, dad was a miner), her youth was spent running with her twin, helping her folks and getting into fights protecting other kids. Joining the Browncoats as soon as the first call went out, she learned more of both explosives and hand-to-hand combat. The combination of brawling and boom made her CO, Captain Reynolds, remark that she was a literal Tank, and the nickname stuck. Knowing her from back home (his folks owned the horse ranch her ma worked on), the Captain relied on her to run the unit while he was occupied, and she wound up third in command of the unit.

End of the War[edit | edit source]

After being wounded during the Battle of Serenity Valley and a brief stay in an Alliance hospital that may have ended with major property damage and a few counts of grand theft auto, Tank now uses her leadership skills to help get small (non-Alliance) crews running.  She is also secretly a courier for small items (two exceptions- no drugs, no explosives). Her record so far is perfect.

Having run a couple of crews and only ever losing one of them, an ill-fated salvage mission left Tank adrift in the black.  She then very abruptly made the acquaintance of Captain Harris Cassidy and immediately recognized a kindred spirit. She signed on with an indefinite contract, and convinced him to let her start building a crew that'd keep Sundance in the air.

Adventures So Far[edit | edit source]

Tank intercepted the rebroadcast of the signal from Mr. Universe and asked Drillbit if they could go investigate.

Tank also intercepted the signal of her long-lost friend Huck, but failed to make contact.

On the way to Sygnus, Lucy the Drill exploded, scratching Tank and knocking Drillbit out of commission.

Tank assumed command of The Sundance, and hurried on to Sygnus after learning that the Zephyr crashed.

Tank has been experiencing PTSD symptoms, but shrugs off her friend Remy, using her duty as acting captain as her reason to keep going.

After landing on Sygnus, Tank and Remy go to offer aid to the Zephyr, and end up leaving with Huck and Vincent to join the Away Team.

After meeting up with Captain Bennett and the Morrigan, the Away Team heads out to investigate the signal.

Random Character Facts[edit | edit source]

Tank has a bit of a reputation as a flirt, a fighter, and a scoundrel, but never a cheat or a liar. 

With a lifelong dislike of fish, sushi weirds her out.

She only ever paints her toenails, but she does so without fail.

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