Follow the rules.

Do the work.

Be rewarded.

That’s the fallacy they want you to believe. They want you to follow their rules. Do their work. And if you’re lucky…? You might be rewarded.

The name’s Remy. Remy LaForge.  If you were to believe the narrative the Alliance created about me: I’m a traitor to my home planet Ariel. And most do. I don’t care. Not everyone gets to wear the title of being expelled from Ariel’s top Medacad. Lucky me, I suppose.

What they didn’t tell you is why I was expelled. Oh, are you surprised? Did you think I was that stupid to want to do such a thing? I come from a family of doctors. Saving people was what was expected of me, even if I was more of a fighter growing up. At the time I was just like every other civilian: ignorant of reality. But my world changed during what was supposed to be a normal rotation during my residency.

We had a patient come through from the Alliance. Female. Mid 30s. Serious Condition.  Rumor has it she was a top military leader. Without my consent, my mentor had given the recommendation to the Alliance to trust me with her. It felt like the world was breathing down my back and watching my every move. I fought hard to keep her alive. I did everything I was supposed to. Every life has value, after all.

My efforts weren’t good enough..heh. She passed away unexpectedly. My family, my school, and my world turned against me. The Alliance wanted a head to roll, and I just happened to be perfect scapegoat. The next thing I knew I was living on the streets until I was banned from entering Ariel.

I fled from planet to planet with Alliance sympathizers and Browncoats wanting me dead. But what didn’t kill me made me stronger.  I did what I had to do to make due. I decided to make my own path. Offering myself as a mercenary to who paid the most. I found out quickly people pay good money to stay alive.

Follow my rules.

Work my own hours.

Reward myself.

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